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Shenzhen Zhilan Technology Co., Ltd

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Zhilan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Ocean Plan) is a national
high-tech enterprise, which focuses on innovation, design, manufacturing and
sales in the field of marine technology and underwater communication.

Ocean Plan
following its core values of “Quality, Specialty, and Innovation”, adheres to
the supremacy of customers, and provides the most advanced products and the
best services to meet our customers' needs.

Ocean Plan
brings together many skilled scientists with exceptional research and development
experience in the field of underwater communication, uses advanced underwater
acoustic science and technology and applies underwater positioning, navigation,
and communication technologies to our company’s signature devices, which is
Underwater Communication and Navigation System. These products can accurately
detect acoustic signals to achieve positioning, navigation, and can communicate
between divers or between divers and the water surface to ...

Shenzhen Zhilan Technology Co., Ltd

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